miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Detective Stories

Last week at Mercantil’s bank two men broke into to rob the bank and use the people who were there as hostages. They didn’t look like homeless or something like that; otherwise they were wearing expensive clothes. One of them pointing to the head of the hostages he tied them and made them sit on the floor while the other one took the money but someone had called the police; when the police came the robbers got really nervous, and though the police offer to make a deal with them, they refused to leave the bank without the money, but one of the robbers forgot to lock the door, so four cops entered, at that moment the disaster just began. In order to keep the police from getting any closer they started shooting everywhere like crazy, some of the hostages got shoot in their legs or arms as a result, one of the cops shoot and killed one of the robbers but the other one run away with the money in a blue mustang after half hour of persecution the last robber got arrest that night. The next day at the police station the robber blackmailed a cop to destroy all the evidence and got free by the afternoon. Six months later the police caught the same man for drug trafficking he’s been in jail since then...

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