miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

A strange event

One day in my third quarter in URBE was going late to class tape-worm class in the block A To pass for the parking of behind and come to the block G when it goes on for to the side I saw a child who was making to myself me signs it surprised for a moment provided that a child in a university without representatives is slightly strange nevertheless I was they were doing where it was and ask him what was happening he said to me " they see follow me " I followed it and we rise to the block G happen for the mill and rise to the last floor when we come the child gave turned to the right and we enter the laboratories it had not nobody did sign of a booth to me when I approach I opened it and there was a drawing, when it achieves it to visualize there went out the lights and the child and the drawing disappeared there scares and lowers the more rapid thing that I could thankfully I do not bar the door nothing alone goes down on having come to the mill ask the watchman him if it saw to go out for the child who rose with me and said to me " Which child?, your you rose only " my impression was so much that I could neither enter to class nor study this day already then I decided to believe that it was a dream or it was a product of the nerves for going late, I remembered that tape-worm examination this morning …

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